A Window to Saving Time in Care Plan Writing

Written by Sherri Jankowski, RN, LNC


a new window with several options to choosefrom instead of scrolling through all 20 of her careplans.

The doctor just visited and changed the orders on Millie, and she is a complex skilled care resident with several care plans.  This will require several changes to update only one of her many care plans so that it will reflect the new orders.  With just a few clicks, you can pull up her exact care plan, instead of having to search through the several that are listed. Once you go to the care plans page, you will find the usual directory on the left and the lists of Issues, Goals, and Interventions listed.  Highlighted here is Show Filter/ Sort Options.  Click on that and a new window will open giving you several choices.

Once the Show Filter/Sort Options is open, if you are looking for a current care plan to select, you simply have to enter the beginning phrase of the Issue (Problem), and click on Select to bring up the care plan you need to work on.  If you can’t remember the exact phrase, generally any word(s) or phrase you know that is in the care plan issue you need will be enough for the system to sort through and bring up those that contain what you are looking for, rather than having to physically search through each care plan.  You can also look under Print Careplans to get the beginning phrase of the one that you need and return to this page.


(NOTE: The blue area under Care Area Categories on the right are currently under construction and can be ignored for these instructions.)

In this new box in the yellow section, you will notice a box labeled Search for Problem Phrase. This is where you will enter a phrase from the problem you need to revise.  If for any reason, the problem was inactivated or resolved prior to these new orders, you can option to check either or both in order to find that problem to bring it current once again. This of course is also where you can elect to have inactive or resolved problems show up on the list of care plans the entire time the resident/patient is in your facility or hide them in the archives.  You can also select your sort direction by newer or older dates using the drop down box, or a specific date of onset using the second drop down box if you know the date. At this time you click on Submit at the bottom, and only the care plans with the search phrase you entered will come up for you. cp-blog-3

Millie has several care plans and her new orders involve her anxiety related to her family history of strokes, her breathing, and COPD.  By putting the phrase Anxiety related to in the search box, this is the care plan that comes up. You don’t have to bother searching for it and can go in and change or edit any interventions and whatever else is necessary to change, depending on the doctor’s orders.

Once you are done and have saved your new edits, you must remember to delete the phrase words you used to bring up this care plan in the search box.  Otherwise, if someone else goes in to look up something different on the same person, the entire screen where the care plans should be will be blank.  In that same line of thinking, if you attempt to look up something for another resident/patient, and you get a blank care plan screen, chances are that someone left a term in the search box and you will need to go in and delete it to get your careplans back.

As you can see, this shortcut can be a real timesaver.  Not only do you not have to scroll through multiple care plans to find the one you want to edit, but it will also make sure that you don’t go ahead and take the time to write a completely new one when all you had to do was edit something that was already in place.