Risk for Infection Care Plan

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Risk for infection related to surgical wound


Patient will report risk factors associated with infection and precautions needed as evidenced by:

1. Demonstrating proper hand washing technique by the time of discharge.

2. Describing the importance of nutrition in the prevention of infection by the time of discharge.


1. Educate patient on adequate protein and caloric intake for healing.
Rationale: Tissue repair requires increased protein and carbohydrates.

2. Provide education on need for 2,000 ml of water per day.
Rationale:  Proper hydration is needed for transportation of oxygen and waste.

3. Instruct client on rigorous hand washing before and after touching the bandage/wound area.
Rationale: Hand washing is the most important means to the prevent the spread of infection.


1. Patient demonstrated proper hand washing technique before discharge.

2. Patient verbalized the importance of nutrition and hydration in the prevention of infection one hour before discharge.